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The perfect place for a holiday of sun, sea, and delicius kitchen with the true "Romagna style"

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Hotel con cucina tipica


The kitchen is cared personally by the owner, Mrs Mirella... more

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hotel in Rimini traditional food

Hotel Rimini with traditional cuisine

Welcome to the food valley!

The kitchen is cared personally by the owner, Mrs Mirella: the chef speciality are the Emilia-Romagna typical dishes.

From farm to fork: we mainly use local products such as pasta, flour, eggs, fruit, vegetables, fish, extra virgin olive oil, wine from our hinterland and, for those wishing to taste it, also the Sangiovese of our production.



hotel a Rimini con delivery

Since summer 2022: lunch on the beach!

Would you like to have lunch on the beach?

The best time to enjoy the beach? When no one is around...

Have you ever experienced the joy of eating with your feet in the sand and the rustle of the waves as background music?

Since this summer it will be possible!

We are available to prepare pocket lunches for you, so in addition to the restaurant service in the hotel you can also decide when to eat on the beach!

hotel a Rimini con delivery

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hotel Rimini Romagna food

Hotel Rimini with traditional cuisine

The Romagna traditional dishes of Hotel Haarlem: Lasagna, Ravioli, Gnocchi, Cannelloni, Tagliatelle alla Bolognese, Risotto alla marinara, Mixed Grilled Meats and Fish.